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1.The price we offer you is the lowest, we can’t do better.

2.What we give you is a good price. We don’t think it could be put any better. Take it or leave it, it’s up to you.

3.If you stick to your count offer without any compromise we may not able to make a deal.

4.This is our rock bottom price, we can’t make any concessions .

5.you could always find much lower price from some supplier.No matter how low it is,there will be some supplier to offer to you.

6.There is no lowest price at all in the market.To some supplier,any price is accepted,no matter how low it is!

7.Yes,our price is not the lowest in the market.We must keep some profit to maintain our factory.No business will make a deal without any profit.Unless there is something they didnt tell you.

8.Yes,our price is not the lowest in the market.But our product can help you cut your cost in the producing process.具体解释……

9.Sorry , in cant tell you the name of our customers'.After our business start,Also i will never tell others your information.

10.对中间商,我经常说。To help you get the order/market,anything you need ,just feel free to tell me.We are comrade in arms.

11.We have shown our sincerity to cooperate,the rock bottom price.Also we pursue your concession to accept our suggusted payment.

12.This deal is up to you not us!We have maken to many concessions.If you still dont accpet,I am really helpless.

13.please accept our offer,and i will make sales contract for you to confirm

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      JAC, 连续2天都在拜读你的博客文章,希望能从中学取一些营养。对你的分享奉献精神表示敬佩和感谢。 By the way, 12点里,make的过去分词是made, 英语里应该没有maken这样的用法。

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